Why You Need a Digital Business Card For Your Next Networking Event

a networking event with a man in a suit speaking to a small crowd of people.

Wave Connect is the ultimate companion for any networking event, career fair, conference, or summit. It’ll make your life easier, while getting you closer to landing your next job or business venture. 

Here’s how. 

  • Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional business cards 

  • Imagine never needing to replenish your business cards, while having an unlimited supply. Imagine you could update your business card in a matter of seconds—change your title, photo, or add new info at any moment, but waste zero paper in the process. 

    With Wave you can create a slick, minimalistic, and custom profile for all your networking needs. And when you meet someone new, all you have to do is tap your Wave Smart Card to their phone to instantly showcase your Wave profile and exchange info. 

    Digital Business Card benefits


  • Give out an unlimited number of CVs, pitch decks, or portfolios… hands-free 

    Your Wave profile can include traditional fields like contact info, socials, and a profile photo, as well as any extra content you’d want your new connections to see, from pdf documents with a pitch deck or CV, to photos, videos, and personal websites. 

    This means that you can skip that trip to the print shop before your next event, and simply share your Wave profile. Not only does this allow you to hand out your documents to an unlimited number of people, but it also makes it easier for others to keep your work on-hand and read it later. 

  • Get numbers and emails in the smoothest way 

  • When your new acquaintances first get access to your Wave profile, they have the option to type in their own name, phone number and email to share with you. This gives them a fast and easy opportunity to exchange contacts, even if they’re in a rush or don’t have a business card. 

    While your info is saved on their phone, theirs will appear automatically in your connections tab on the Wave platform. You can revisit the connections tab at the end of your event and leave notes under each connection to keep track of everyone you meet. 

    Exchange phone numbers and email display


  • Turn cold-calling into warm-calling 

    Sharing a business card is not the same as adding your number into someone’s contact list. If you reach out to them first, you won’t be an unknown number, but a first and last name. Whether they remember meeting you or not, they’ll have all your information saved neatly and correctly on their phone, including a link to your Wave profile which they can revisit at any time. 

  • Treat your Wave profile like a personal webpage 

  • In addition to giving your new connections access to your contact info or specific documents via your Wave profile, you are also giving them a chance to visit other links and content you choose to upload. You may not always see the ways you could work with a new person at first, but your Wave profile can demonstrate skills and projects in a way that could attract opportunities you may have never thought of. 

    Display of a personal digital webpage


  • Be a trendsetter 

    Traditional business cards are dead. By opting for an innovative alternative, not only are you coming off as smooth and well-prepared, but you’re also telling the world that you’re a forward-thinker who makes smart and bold choices.  

    Choose what information you share (and how you share it) wisely. A digital business card with Wave can open doors for your career and make you stand out from the crowd.