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NFC Business Cards.

Wave cards are all equipped with an RFID chip, also known as an NFC tag, for an instant exchange of business information.

What is an NFC business card?

NFC business cards use Near Field Communication to share business info directly to a new contact’s smartphone. These cards have two parts: a digital business card and an NFC tag. Tags can be placed on products like cards or bracelets. They have a tiny chip inside. Tap them to a phone, and your business profile is shared.

How to make an NFC business card

First, select your NFC product. Second, create your Wave profile. Finally, once you receive your NFC tag, link your profile to it. If you haven't created your profile yet, don't worry. Just tap your new card to your phone or scan the QR code on the back to get started.

Select your product

Create your profile

Link your digital business card

Link your NFC card

NFC smart products

At Wave, we provide the most reliable smart products, including custom, metal, and bracelet NFC business cards. Our products come with an RFID chip and a QR code, allowing you to easily share your profile by simply tapping or scanning.

Add your own logo

Metal NFC business card

Made from matte black stainless steel, this card not only looks and feels premium but also has smart functionalities. With built-in NFC technology, you can share your business info in seconds. Just tap it on any compatible device.

Create Your Own Design

Custom NFC business card

We offer custom NFC business cards in matte black, matte blue, and gloss white. You can add your own logo or design to improve your brand recognition. With these cards, you can effortlessly share your contact and business info while showcasing your style.


NFC business card

The Wave smart business card comes in three color options and features both NFC and a QR code for quick information exchange. This business card is essential for any business professional looking to connect with new contacts.

The Smart Wearable

NFC bracelet

Experience the power of NFC technology on a bracelet. Tap or scan from your wrist to exchange your digital content and build meaningful connections.

Update Info In seconds

NFC business card app

The Wave app lets you easily update your NFC card information. Your updates will be available in real-time, so the next person you share your NFC product with will always have the most recent info. No app is required to share, update, or receive information.

Ble wave nfc business card near a phone showcasing a wave profile


NFC business cards offer several benefits that traditional business cards cannot. For one, they allow you to provide potential clients and contacts with more information than a traditional business card can.

NFC business cards work by using a chip inside the card that communicates with devices that are NFC-enabled. When someone taps your business card with their smartphone, the chip sends a signal to their device, which opens a specific webpage or app.

Yes, you can customize your NFC business card. When you do, it's important to keep your branding in mind. Your card should reflect your personal brand, including your logo, color scheme, and typography.

Programming your NFC business card is relatively simple and can be done using various tools. Some NFC business card providers offer their own software for programming the cards, while others may require you to use third-party software. With Wave you simply tap your card to connect it to your profile.

NFC business cards can be used in a variety of industries. For example, real estate agents can use them to provide potential clients with info on their properties. Freelancers and business owners can showcase their work. Outside sales can collect leads, track event performance, and share their brand all in one place.

When deciding who is the best NFC business card provider, it's important to consider factors such as pricing, customization options, and customer support. You may also want to read reviews from other customers to understand their experiences with the provider.