What is a Digital Business Card? (Smart Contactless Sharing)

a digital business card profile being displayed on an iphone

A digital business card is simple. It's you online. In a world where we spend so much time connecting digitally and a quick Google search of your name will likely show many different results and pages. Having one digital profile that's always up to date, professionally branded, and is free can be a powerful tool for individuals and businesses alike.

Simply sign up for a free Wave account, then edit your profile to make it truly your own. You'll then receive a free profile that can be easily shared online, scan via QR code, or embedded into an NFC card for an in-person experience, and either way, the result is the same, a great looking profile and a powerful tool for your online presence.



Exchange Contact Feature

So when they arrive on your profile, they're greeted with a custom bio. You set up your profile and cover photos, title, and location.There's also an exchange contact button that's capable of collecting their info and sending yours to them. From there, you have full control of content that makes sense for you and your business.

Maybe you're looking to simply display contact information and your team. Maybe you're a creator that needs to provide product links or host your videos. Maybe you just need a simple page with the ability to book a meeting that integrates with your calendar. The options are completely customizable based on your unique needs to accomplish your goals.

You can make updates in the browser or in the app, and those changes will reflect in real time. So the next time someone reaches your page, it'll show the new info as needed.

Sharing Your Digital Profile

When sharing your digital profile, there's a variety of options that you can use, so no matter what you're doing, your wave page can be there with you. Get a QR code that can be scanned with a camera at any time. A link that can be added to any bio or share via email or text. You can link to an NFC card that can be tapped for quick access. You can add it to Apple or Google Wallet for easy sharing on the go. You can even add it to a virtual background image for use in meetings or an email signature added to your emails. The options are endless and they're there to help you connect in whatever way works for you.

Here's a list of ways you can share your digital business card:

  • QR code that can be scanned with a camera.
  • Link that can be added to any bio.
  • Share the link via email or text.
  • Connect to an NFC card for quick access.
  • Add to Apple Wallet for easy sharing.
  • Add to Google Wallet for easy sharing.
  • Use as a virtual background image for meetings.
  • Add to an email signature.

Lead Collection and Management

Collecting leads is simple and straightforward. When a customer gets to your page, they see an exchange contact button, which prompts them to share their contact info. Filling this out and clicking exchange will automatically add you to their contacts app with all profile details for quick access, and it'll also send an email CCing both of you to continue the conversation.

After that, they can continue to browse your page for more info on your side. Your contact gets stored in the contact section of your Wave app. It includes a note section where you can leave any comments and you can easily tag the lead. Depending on who they are, you can download the contact or you can even bulk export them for future use.


Overall, a digital business card is a central hub for your online presence and with easy ways to share your profile and streamline lead capture. It's a powerful tool enabled by creating your free profile.