The Smoothest Way to Exchange Contact Info

Tap to share wave digital business card

When meeting someone new, getting their info is just as important as giving them yours. We’ve all been there. Your conversation gets cut short, you give them your business card, and you never hear from them again. 

Enter your new Wave Smart Card

Imagine owning a business card that can add someone else’s contact info into your phone. Our “exchange contact” feature makes it fast and easy to share your info in those rushed moments. It’s also smoother, more accurate, and bound to impress. 

We've listed how it works below and included a video tutorial.

1. Share your Wave profile—with nothing but a scan or tap on their phone, your new acquaintance will get immediate access to your digital business card. No app needed. 


Digital Business Card with profile

2. After they click “Save Contact” they’ll have the option to type in their name, phone number and email, and click “Exchange Contacts.”

 Digital business card exchanging information with another prospect

3. Your info will be saved on their phone, and theirs will appear automatically in your connections tab on the Wave platform. From there, you can easily add them in your phone contacts anytime. 


Viewing your connections on your digital profile


Now get out there and network!