Six Innovative Ways to Share Your Contact Details

Digital Business Card sharing options displayed on screen

Whether at in-person networking events or having insightful virtual conversations, it is essential that you find fast and effective ways to exchange contact details with the right people.

Wave was designed for just those crucial moments. Not to mention that the content available through your Wave profile can make the difference between a saved phone number and a new business partner—so make sure you’re seizing every possible opportunity to share it.

We've listed six ways to do that and a video tutorial.


1. Take out your Wave Smart Card

The age of paper business cards is over. When the time comes to exchange contacts in person, take out your Wave Smart Card. With nothing but a phone tap, your new acquaintance will be getting immediate access to your Wave profile with all your contact information, socials, pitch decks, CV, portfolio, etc. And when we say immediate, we mean immediate—no app needed. 


Wave Connect Smart Products

2. Show your Wave QR code

You’ll also find a personalized QR code on the back of your Wave Smart Card which links directly to your Wave profile. The QR code is also displayed digitally on your Wave profile, where it is downloadable as a file as well. All you have to do is have the QR code ready to be scanned by a phone camera.


Digital Business Card Download QR Code Option

3. Share Your Profile Link 

All Wave profiles are assigned a personalized URL link that can be shared with anyone. You can either copy the link to your clipboard and paste it anywhere you’d like, or use the share option to send it directly via the social and messaging platforms of your choice. Think of it as a link to your own little website, with all the contact information and high-level content you would like a prospective client, investor, partner, or employer to see.


Digital Business Card Sharing Options

4. Create a customized email signature (coming soon)

Wave allows you to create your own custom-made email signature, which includes your preferred contact information, your socials, a link to your Wave profile, a QR code and an optional profile picture. This aptly designed email signature can then be copied to your clipboard and used on the email platform of your choice. 


5. Add your Wave profile to a virtual wallet (coming soon)

If you’re a heavy user of virtual cards and tickets, this feature is for you. The Wave platform will redirect you to your virtual wallet app, either Apple Wallet or Samsung Wallet, and allow you to add your personalized Wave QR code into the app for everyday use. 


6. Download a Wave video background (coming soon)

With the rise of virtual meeting rooms, we sometimes get buried in a sea of faces. Your custom-made virtual background which can be set on conferencing apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, would also include the QR code to your Wave profile. Simply choose the background you would like and download it via the Wave platform. Not only would you be standing out from the crowd, but you would also be turning unfamiliar faces into friendly ones. 


To Wrap Up!

Now that we’ve gone through the six ways to share your Wave profile, it’s important to remember that networking isn’t just about meeting the right people, it’s also about making the most out of a new connection, whether that’s by uncovering the partnership of a lifetime or simply staying in touch until the right opportunity comes along. Wave helps you make the connections that will take your business to the next level.