Overcoming the Restaurant Recruitment Challenge: A Master Recipe for Success

Restaurant recruitment problem and action steps to a solution.

Running a successful restaurant involves more than just preparing delicious dishes. One of the critical ingredients to the recipe for success is recruiting and retaining top-tier talent. This blog post will delve into the challenges of restaurant recruitment and serve up some effective strategies for overcoming them. If you're a restaurant owner or manager, this guide is your roadmap to building a team that sizzles.

The Ingredients of the Problem

The High Turnover Rate: A Bitter Taste in Restaurant Recruitment

The restaurant industry is infamous for its high turnover rates, a situation that leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of many restaurant owners and managers. The frequent hiring, onboarding, and training of new staff consume valuable time and resources, creating an ongoing cycle that's hard to break. The causes behind this turnover can be numerous, including unpredictable and often exhausting work schedules, demanding physical labor, and comparatively low wages. This constant churn of staff leads to additional challenges, such as maintaining consistent service quality and customer satisfaction. The high turnover rate creates a situation where managers are often caught in a cycle of perpetual recruitment and training, a process that can drain resources and detract from focusing on improving the restaurant's overall operations

High turnover rates are due to a variety of factors. Here are five key reasons, listed with estimated weights based on the frequency and impact they have in the industry:

  1. Low Pay (35%): Many roles in the restaurant industry, especially entry-level positions, do not offer high wages. This low pay can lead to high turnover as employees leave in search of better-paying opportunities.

  2. Lack of Benefits (25%): Another significant issue is the lack of benefits, such as health insurance, vacation days, and retirement plans. This lack of benefits can make restaurant jobs less attractive in the long term, causing employees to seek opportunities elsewhere.

  3. Stressful Work Environment (20%): Restaurants are often high-stress environments, with long hours, high-intensity work during peak times, and difficult customer interactions. This stress can contribute to high turnover rates.

  4. Limited Career Advancement Opportunities (15%): In some cases, there may be limited opportunities for career advancement within a restaurant, especially for those in lower-level positions. This can lead to high turnover as employees leave to pursue opportunities for advancement elsewhere.

  5. Seasonal Nature of Work (5%): Some roles in the restaurant industry, especially those in areas that are popular with tourists, may be seasonal. This can lead to high turnover rates as employees leave at the end of the season.

Reasons for high turnover in the restaurant industry

The Skill Gap: Missing Spices in the Kitchen

In restaurant recruitment, finding the right mix of skills to match each role is as crucial as blending the perfect spices for a dish. In a bustling kitchen, every role is crucial for seamless operation, from the head chef to the line cooks, servers, and dishwashers. Locating individuals who possess the necessary skills, coupled with a passion for the culinary arts and hospitality, can be an immense challenge. The competition for skilled talent is particularly fierce in the realm of high-end restaurants, further compounding the difficulty of identifying candidates who have the necessary experience and proficiency. Navigating this skill gap is an essential task in restaurant recruitment, ensuring that each team member can contribute effectively to the operation's success.

Cooking Up Solutions: Strategies to Overcome Recruitment Challenges

Cultivating a Positive Restaurant Culture

A positive work environment can be the secret ingredient in reducing high turnover rates. This could entail a range of actions, such as offering staff meal discounts, creating a recognition program for employee achievements, or fostering a team-oriented culture where everyone feels valued and included. Building a positive work culture is about more than just making your restaurant a desirable place to work; it's about fostering a sense of community and belonging among your staff. This approach can significantly enhance employee satisfaction and loyalty, leading to longer tenures. Furthermore, ensuring that new hires fit well with the restaurant's culture can help promote their longevity within the organization. This fit not only refers to an employee's ability to perform their role but also their alignment with the company's values, work ethic, and team dynamics.

Offering Competitive Compensation and Benefits

While the restaurant industry might be notorious for its lower wages, savvy restaurant owners can flip the script by offering competitive compensation and benefits. Conducting diligent research on the standard rate for various roles within your geographical area can provide a benchmark for competitive salaries. However, attractive compensation extends beyond mere paychecks. Consider providing a comprehensive benefits package that may include paid sick time, health or tuition reimbursements, or even a retirement savings plan. Flexibility is another appealing aspect of modern work culture, so offering flexible schedules or the possibility of remote work (for applicable roles) can also be a significant draw. Furthermore, offering opportunities for professional development and advancement within the company can be a game-changer in attracting and retaining top talent.

Investing in Training and Development

An investment in your employees' professional development can have a high return. Providing robust training programs can help new hires acclimate to their roles more efficiently, thereby reducing the time it takes for them to become fully productive members of your team. Additionally, ongoing training opportunities allow staff to continue developing their skills, which can increase their effectiveness and job satisfaction. This investment also communicates a powerful message: that you value your employees and are committed to their growth and success.

The Secret Sauce: Actionable Tips for Restaurant Recruitment

Use Social Media: Platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram can be powerful tools for reaching potential hires. Post job listings, share behind-the-scenes content, and highlight your restaurant's culture to attract talent.

Host Job Fairs: Hosting a job fair at your restaurant can help you meet numerous potential hires in a single day. It also allows candidates to get a feel for your restaurant's atmosphere.

Partner with Culinary Schools: Forming partnerships with local culinary schools can provide a steady stream of trained and enthusiastic new hires.

Implement a Referral Program: Your current staff may know the perfect candidate for your open roles. Implementing a referral program can incentivize them to help with recruitment efforts.

Leverage Recruitment Software: Technology can help streamline your recruitment process. Here's a list of restaurant recruitment software:

  1. Workstream: An end-to-end hiring platform with automation technologies and two-way texting capabilities. It helps you recruit faster and onboard smarter, reducing your hiring time by up to 70%​.

  2. Chamba Inc.: A job board that connects restaurants with the Latino job seeker. It has a focus on back-of-house positions.

  3. HourWork: A human resources and staffing tool designed specifically for recruiting and retaining hourly workers.

  4. TraitSet: A complete digital platform designed to recruit, hire, and onboard superior employees while reducing the costs of high turnover rates​.

  5. Wisetail: A configurable training system that helps restaurants engage employees.

  6. Sprockets: An hourly employee hiring solution built to reduce turnover.

  7. 7shifts: A software designed specifically for restaurants, providing easy-to-use, customizable, and data-driven insights for optimizing schedules and streamlining communication to increase profits.

  8. SnapShyft: Offers short- and long-term staffing solutions for food service and hospitality industries.

  9. Harri: An employee experience platform that’s vertically optimized and custom built to provide hiring and staffing solutions for restaurants.

  10. CareerPlug: An applicant tracking system built for non-HR personnel in blue-collar industries like hospitality. It includes features such as a branded careers page, job post builder, and candidate screening. It also helps verify candidate eligibility via background check integrations.


Restaurant recruitment may be a challenging dish to prepare, but with the right ingredients, creating a winning recipe is possible. By focusing on creating a positive work culture, offering competitive benefits, investing in your employees' growth, and leveraging modern recruitment tools, you can build a team that is skilled, committed, and loyal to your restaurant.

Remember, the success of your restaurant hinges not only on the food you serve but also the people who serve it.

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