How Wave Cards helped Businesses Connect with Customers

Wave tapping to the back of the phone and opening the login page.

The digital age has transformed how businesses operate, and Wave Connect digital business cards have emerged as a game-changing tool for professionals across different industries. From simplifying contact info sharing to leaving a lasting impression through interactive media, digital business cards have proven indispensable in today’s business world. 

Unlike paper business cards, wave connect digital cards offer many benefits, including better interactivity, card customization, easy sharing, and much more. In this article, we are proud to showcase how Wave Connect smart products have helped leading companies in different industries.  

1- Ernst & Young (EY)

Wave digital business cards have revolutionized the way businesses manage their communications, and one great company that has benefitted significantly from our digital cards is Ernst & Young. 

Ernst & Young, commonly popular as EY is a multinational professional service headquartered in London. EY is one of the largest service networks in the world. It provides audit, consulting, tax, business risk, technology and security risk services, and human capital services worldwide

Wave Connect smart business card has helped EY in the following areas, including;

Managing Contact Information

Digital business cards have allowed EY to manage its business information more efficiently by providing them with a centralized database of all potential job candidates' details. 

Through Wave’s smart business card, the contact info is automatically added to the database when a candidate shares their business card, eliminating the need for manual data entry. 

The database can easily be searched and filtered, making it simpler for EY recruiters to find the right candidate for a suitable position. 

Connecting with Candidates 

Another way Wave's digital business card has helped EY recruiters is by allowing them to connect with potential candidates through various channels, such as emails, mobile numbers, social media accounts, and other multimedia mentioned on the card. 

Recruiter shares their digital business cards with candidates, allowing them to access contact details and connect with them on the preferred platform. 

Follow Up with Candidates 

Thanks to Wave’s digital business cards, EY recruiters have streamlined their follow-up process. The cards offer an easy and innovative way to keep track of communication with potential candidates. 

The real-time tracking feature of Wave's business card allows recruiters to access the latest contact info and make notes, making it easier to pick up where they left off. 

Another feature of the Wave card is leaving notes or reminders on your card’s Wave platform, this ensures EY recruiters never miss an important follow-up action. 

2- Bombardier

It’s no surprise that leaving a memorable impression and building a strong connection with clients and partners is really crucial in this competitive market. Moreover, traditional paper business cards often fall short when it comes to achieving these goals. Bombardier, a global leader in the aerospace and transportation industry, faced this challenge firsthand. 

Bombardier struggled with a poor response rate when passing out paper cards and found it difficult to leave any impressions. That’s when they turned to Wave Connect digital products. 

Improved Response Rate

Bombardier is long recognized for its strong brand image. However, they realized that paper business cards were not delivering the desired results. 

Most of their cards ended up being lost and forgotten, leading to poor response rates and missed opportunities. With Wave Connect digital business cards, these issues were resolved, giving their networking efforts a much-needed push. 

Digital business cards by Wave allowed Bombardier to share their information through multiple channels, including emails, text messages, social media, etc. 

Not only they were able to share their contact details, they were also able to improve their online presence on social media. The digital business card made it easier for the recipient to access and save their information. 

No Printing Costs & Outdated Information 

Wave digital business cards gave Bombardier the stunning opportunity to cut down the unnecessary cost of printing and cutting business cards. 

Moreover, with digital business cards, Bombardier was able to cut down the waste, eliminating the need to throw out old cards with newly printed ones. The digital business cards allowed them to update their information all from one place.

Simplified Lead Generation 

With paper business cards, it can be difficult to track who has received the card and who has followed up, leading to missed opportunities, poor communication, and a lack of accountability. Luckily, the digital business cards by Wave Connect helped Bombardier simplify their lead generation procedure. 

Bombardier can easily track who has received their card and follow up on them in real-time. In addition to this, they also had the ability to view how many times their card was viewed and by whom, making it easier to invest their effort where it really mattered. 

3- Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC)

Mediterranean Shipping Company is a global shipping company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. It operates in more than 155 countries and has a fleet of over 500 vessels. It specializes in container shipping, including ocean freight, air freight, and intermodal transportation. 

With Wave’s digital business card, MSC has been able to streamline and improve its sales processes and lead management. 

Networking & Managing Clients 

As a global and leading shipping company in the world, the events MSC attends are huge. And that’s where they close big deals and attract strong clients. 

Before having a digital business card, the MSC representatives used to collect hundreds of paper business cards, which were manually entered into the CRM system. This process was labor-intensive and time-consuming – not to forget they also lost or misplaced some cards during this process. 

By transitioning from paper business cards to Wave’s digital business cards, MSC has been able to streamline this process and avoid such scenarios. 

Sales Lead Generation

Wave’s digital business cards have helped MSC generate new and effective sales leads. With the help of digital cards, the MSC representatives quickly share their information with potential clients. 

Moreover, the possibility to customize the Wave card and add multimedia elements made it even easier for MSC to attract clients and customers to their websites, social media, etc. 

Tracking Networking Activity 

Aside from managing and generating leads, digital business cards by Wave Conenct have helped MSC in tracking their networking activity and effort. 

Wave's digital business card has a feature that allows a company to track when, where, and who viewed their card. This information has proven beneficial for MSC in measuring the effectiveness of its networking efforts and making adjustments accordingly. 


Digital business cards by Wave Connect have proved to be a game-changer and life-saver for many businesses. This innovative tool is not limited to any particular industry or business size. Its versatility and convenience make it a great solution for simplifying sales processes, improving networking activities, and more. 

If you have a business or are just an individual looking to expand their reach, digital business cards by Wave Connect are an ideal solution for it.