Why a Digital Business Card is Critical for Success

Three wave smart nfc cards

As the world continues to adjust to the ever-changing "new normal" way of working due to Covid, making meaningful connections in the professional world has become a challenge. In today's fast-paced world, digital communication is the norm.

Gone are the day when traditional paper business cards were an effective way to share your details, but somehow just giving someone a paper card also doesn’t seem to strike that subtle balance of professionalism. Luckily, Wave has revolutionized the game of networking with its NFC chip business card.

Your prospect can get free access to your profile and other details on their cell phone instantly with just a tap. Read on to discover why having a digital card in 2023 is important.

Three NFC business cards

Accessibility & Convenience 

It’s no surprise that having a digital business card means you can share your contact details and personal information anytime, anywhere. Unlike traditional business cards, Wave Connect business digital cards eliminate the chances of getting misplaced or lost. 

With free digital greeting cards, you don’t have to worry about carrying a stack of print paper business cards with you. You can share your business details with your potential customers instantly.

Wave Connect offers digital greeting cards powered by dynamic QR codes that store your phone numbers, contact information, and other details in an online format called “.vcf (Virtual Contact File”). This information can be shared in multiple ways through any device with the help of a chip embedded in the NFC cards. 

‍Affordable & ‍Eco-Friendly

Printing paper business cards can be expensive and inconvenient. Imagine you print out 100s of paper business cards just to know the next day your email address is changed. Think of the cost and the waste. 

Digital business cards are life savers. You don’t have to worry about printing costs and what’s more, fun is you can update all your contact details and information just from your phone on Wave Connect’s easy-to-use dashboard. 

QR code business card eliminate the need to have mail or send for paper, reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfill. Instantly you share your information in your prospect's device. As a result, they lead to less carbon footprint.

In addition to this, the smart business card is stored electronically and can be shared through email, unique QR code, etc. This aspect saves paper associated with printing and shipping.

Unique Branding 

Another great reason to go for a smart business card in 2023 is the freedom and possibility to create and showcase your brand. Wave offers the best digital card that provides you an opportunity to create and customize your card with a personalized message, logo, company logo, color palette, font collection, and designs.

You can create your own design for your digital card by adding personalized link and contact details. This helps in creating a lasting impression on your prospects and reinforces your unique brand identity. 

Analytics & Tracking

With a traditional business greeting card, you never know who has taken a long glanced at your card or who has lost it somewhere under the table. The digital business card comes with a mobile app that allows you to create an account for your digital card. As a result, you can track and see how many people and who has viewed, shared, and saved your digital profile. This gives you valuable insights into your networking efforts, allowing you to decide which prospect is worth your marketing efforts.

Easy Networking 

Wave Connect allow the gift card recipient sign in to an online group card and access your business profile without a WiFi connection, without an app, and without hassle. Opting for a digital gift card presents a smarter way of connecting with potential clients or even friends or family – making you more responsive to expanding your connection.

With the freedom to network, send, share, and scan at every networking event, you’ll never run out of cards or skip a beat. These NFC business cards are a great way to include all your contact information, pricing and other details in one place, such as social media links, company website, etc. 

A wave profile and an exchange contact button

Limitless Personalization 

Update the team’s details in real-time while removing the need to reorder stacks of new paper cards if your promotion triggers a next team title change date. You can personalize NFC business cards with your own design.

Another great feature is that networking professionals can customize digital business cards as per their personalization for networking events, birthday, holidays, happy birthdays or special occasions.

The free ecards templates allow you to personalize the card for a great impression. They can design stylish digital cards with their personal and company's basic contact information. Custom made free ecards can go a long way in leaving a memorable impression on the other person.

Lasting Connections 

With Wave Connect's free digital business card, recipients' phone numbers are saved into the recipient native phonebook – and vice versa – helping to increase retention and maximize business opportunities.

Digitizing your business card keeps all your assets in one place, so everything you need is in the palm of your hand. With the omnipresent concern of social distancing, Ecards with QR code allows for the safe, contactless sharing of information. And never having to worry about someone losing your card or your info, because it’s always on their device. 

Enhanced Interactivity

One of the best features of the Wave business card app is its interactivity. The Wave app integrates all your data, information, messages, etc from the ecard. It allows you to create an account and sign up for the Wave dashboard to see who has viewed your ecard, customize information, get messages and edit details all from your phone.

You can also add a website, add a note, invite someone to join a group, or a link to download something on this digital card. This boosts networking efforts to a whole new level.

4 Professional Areas to Use a Digital Business Card 

The easy accessibility and convenience of digital business card from Wave Connect provides you with endless opportunities to use them. Some common areas to use a digital business card in your professional life include; 

1- Team Management

Digital business card can help your whole team maintain a consistent brand image across all of their communication channels. By creating a digital business card that is aligned with the company's visual identity and messaging, teams can present a professional and cohesive image to potential customers.

Moreover, e-business cards can be integrated with customer relationship management (CRM) software, allowing teams to easily add new contacts to their database and track their interactions with them.

2- Networking Events 

Networking events, trade shows, business conferences, special occasions, etc are hubs where all the investors and potential clients come together. As a networking profession person, using a digital business card at such events is a great way to exchange contact information in a quickly way. 

Moreover, People can customize their card to stand out from the crowd. This can be done by including a professional headshot, a logo or note, or on special occasions even sending an invite. By adding these personal touches, individuals can share their card with friends and family, and on occasion even potential customers to make a great first impression and increase the likelihood of follow-up connections.

3- Online Platforms 

Another great way to use NFC business cards is by sharing them on your social media accounts, including LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as on professional websites and custom domains. 

4- Email Signatures

You can also add a link to a digital business card representing your professional profile in your email signature. The ever-lasting QR codes on the digital business card make it easier for people to access your contact and professional information to learn more about you. This is a great way to stay in touch with your clients, colleagues, and other professional prospects. 


To conclude, a digital business card is important in 2023 for multiple reasons. Building connections, leaving a lasting impression, and showcasing your brand has never been easier. The digital business card from Wave Connect helps businesses connect, anywhere, at any time. 

Take the friction out of sharing details on the go with your unique customized Wave Connect digital business card. Purchase it today.