The Most Efficient Way to Use Your NFC-Product

NFC business cards being tapped to a phone.

Sharing your Wave profile shouldn’t take more than 1 second, or 1 tap. Just keep a few things in mind to ensure a fast and easy transfer.  Here’s what you need to know to efficiently exchange your information using a Wave Smart Product.


  • Make sure you’re tapping the right spot

For iPhone users: make sure you are tapping the upper part of the back of their phone onto your product.

For Android users: make sure you are tapping the middle part of the back of their phone onto your product.


Instruction on where to tap your digital business card
  • Don’t move away until the connection is made

Proximity is key. Ensure the phone is as close as possible to the Wave Smart Product and don’t pull back until the link appears on-screen. We may call it a ‘tap’ but it’s more like a brief hold.


  • Unlock your phone

The phone trying to make the connection will need to be unlocked to get immediate access to your Wave profile.


  • NFC technology is where all the magic happens

All Wave Smart Products contain an NFC chip which allows them to connect with most types of phones. NFC, or Near Field Communication, is the technology that lets you share information between two devices placed within centimeters of each other. It’s the same technology used for contactless payments on Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit cards and debit cards.


  • Tapping only works with NFC-enabled phones

NFC readers are a given in the majority of smartphones on the market today.*

The NFC reader is usually enabled automatically, but in some rare cases, you may need to activate this feature in your phone settings.

For iPhones older than XS/XR with an up-to-date iOS: pull up the NFC reader in the Control Center.

For some Androids: enable NFC in your connection preferences, under Connections or Connected Devices. Usually this setting is ON by default.


  • There are many other ways to share your profile

If the device you are trying to connect with does not have NFC technology, you can also scan your personalized Wave QR code which is on the back of all Wave Smart Products.

The vast majority of modern phone cameras can read QR codes, but feel free to explore other ways of sharing your Wave profile through links and messages as well. 


Scanning a digital business card QR Code


*Refer to our FAQ for a detailed list of all NFC-compatible devices.